Friday, January 26, 2007

Never jump the gun on the boat

An update for all you keen beans out there - and just to give you a taste of what it's usually like trying to plan on the Takuu project: Briar and Zane haven't left yet. They MAY leave tomorrow morning, but if I were you I'd keep this page bookmarked so you can keep abreast of the ongoing saga. They've still got a couple of weeks in-country in Buka and Port Moresby before heading back to NZ and, knowning Briar, that could mean they end up in some fairly unorthodox situations.

In the meantime this is one of the latest offerings from Zane - an image of the beach that he photographed earlier at high tide, only this time the tide is out and you can see the full extent of the degradation, especially when compared to the earlier shot which I'll publish again here so you can get the full effect of the comparison:

Note the exposed coral in the recent shot taken with the tide out. If it was proof you were wanting, here it is with boots on.


Barbara said...

Zane and Briar - I've really enjoyed your reports. Look forward to seeing you back in NZ Zane.

Kyna said...

Great work.