Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tell us all about it!

From Lyn -

Something I've mentioned before (but that you might not be aware of) is that I post Briar and Zane's blog entries after they send them through to me via email. We do it this way because their internet connection on the island is via satellite phone and it's too slow to support the blogger web interface. This means they can't read comments left on the blog, so to remedy the communication situation I’ve just had a big round up of comments on previous posts and will email it to them. I know they’ll be delighted – and may be able to include messages back to comment-ers in future blog entries.

As you may have gathered from the last post, things aren’t as fun as they might initially have seemed on Takuu. I therefore want to extend an invitation to post an entertaining or sustaining message to the intrepid two. I’ve changed the comments setting so that anyone, even if they’re not a blogger member, can post, or you can just email them through.

Finally - thanks to everyone in the blogosphere who's stopped by and to all our friends, relations and colleagues and their friends, relations and colleagues. Pass it on, add a link to your blog, tell all your friends, write to your nearest television channel and say that you want to see the film when it comes out, give us money. As previous posts have shown, we’re shameless - but if we weren’t, none of this would be happening….


Barbara said...

Well you are not missing a fabulous New Zealand summer. Maybe you could bring the sunshine back with you.

Renee Holmes said...

hey bro..sounds amazing!! chin up and get ready for one of the whanau's famous choc pudding on return.....i'm sure that and lasagne will be waiting!!! i'll put the request in for ya...just wish i was there to enjoy it too. from you biggest fan, lil sis xxxx