Saturday, May 12, 2012


Briar has just returned from Ecoflante Environmental Film Festival in Brazil.

Ecoflante had a powerful selection of environmental films which have been touring the festival circuit over the last few years.

There Once Was an Island was paired with another film about the human face of climate change called, The Broken Moon.

This film shows how climate change is impacting village people in the Himalayas. Briar got the opportunity to share a debate with the director of the film, Marcos Negrao.

It was really interesting to hear from each of them about their similar experiences working in remote conditions with no electricity, or running water; and how similarly both communities have been impacted by modernity and environmental changes.

You can see a trailer for The Broken Moon here

Sunday, May 06, 2012

PBS Screening Schedule

If you're based in the USA you can see TOWAI for free this month as part of the PBS Pacific Heartbeat Series.  This is a great time to recommend the film to friends and anyone who can make a difference - if you know educators, politicians and activists, don't forget to let them know!  Check the schedule below for screenings in your area.  We'll try to keep this updated over the next few weeks.

Sunday, May 6
DC 4:00PM WETA#8

Tuesday, May 8
San Francisco 11:00PM KQED#6

Wednesday, May 9
Minneapolis 4:00PM TPT#15

Thursday, May 17
West Palm 1:00PM WXEL#38
Pennsylvania 8:00PM WITF#

Friday, May 18
Pennsylvania 1:00AM WITF#

Friday, May 25
Tampa 9:00PM WUSF#13

Wednesday, May 30
Sacramento 11:00PM KVIE#20

Thursday, May 31
Kentucky 4:00AM KET#KY,
Sacramento 7:00PM KVIE#20,
Northern California 8:00PM KRCB#6
DC 9:00PM WHUT#9

Friday, June 1
Louisiana 12:00AM LPB#83
Sacramento 3:00PM KVIE#20

Saturday, June 2
Sacramento 5:00AM KVIE#20

Sunday, June 3
Los Angeles 12:00AM KLCS-DT4
Los Angeles 2:00PM KLCS-DT
Grand Rapids 5:00PM WGVK HDTV and WGVU HDTV
Toledo 5:00PM and 6:00PM WGTE
Houston 6:00PM KUHTDT2
Youngstown 10:00PM WNEO Fusion
Salt Lake 12:00AM KUED#33
Indianapolis 1:00PM WTIU HDTV
Salt Lake City 9:00PM KUENDT

Sunday, June 10
Washington 8:00PM WHUTDT and WHUTDT 2

Monday, June 11
Washington 12:00AM, WHUTDT and WHUTDT 2

Saturday, June 16
Orlando 9:00PM WBCCDT2

Sunday, June 17
Orlando 3:00AM WBCCDT2
Milwaukee 3:00PM WMVTDT
Kansas City 8:00PM KCPTDT2
Toledo 8:00PM WGTEDT2

Monday, June 18
Toledo 12:00AM and 4:00AM WGTEDT2
Chicago 11:00AM WTTW#3
Kansas City 8:00PM KCPT#31
DC 8:00PM WHUT#9
Indianapolis 11:30PM WTIU#26

Monday, June 4
Cleveland 10:00PM WEAO#18

Wednesday, June 6
Indianapolis 1:30PM WTIU#26

Friday, August 3
Cincinnati 9:00PM WCET#35

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Getting you updated!

We're excited that things have really been taking off for There Once was an Island recently. A big deal for us has been having the lovely Lydia Race join our team as marketing manager. This woman is incredible - so full of ideas and energy it's truly inspiring. Thanks to Lydia's efforts and the lovely people at Transit Media and New Day Films, we've now got a regular online sales service for our DVD, so if you've been hanging out to see TOWAI and still haven't managed to catch it, or if you just want to see it again, all you need to do is hit our website.

You can also hit our page at New Day films if you want to do a community screening, sharing the film publicly with others. We're also developing community screenings events as a way of raising money for Takuu and that's something we'll definitely do an update on as we take it forward.

We're also building up to the series of screenings that TOWAI will have on PBS's Pacific Heartbeat series in the USA April 29, 30, and May 1st - just four weeks from now! This is the biggest audience the film will ever have, and this audience are also arguably the biggest carbon producers, so it's a significant moment. The PBS screening also bookends the long road we've taken to distribute TOWAI ourselves - more about that in a later post if we can bring ourselves to put it on the page!

If you want to hear some live action, Briar March talks climate change, human nature, and cultural survival with Andrea Chase from as part of kick off for our PBS screening. Listen to the podcast here.