Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Seeking sponsorship and camera skills!

We need further funding and some additional skills to get this film in the can.

In December we're sending a two-person crew (consisting of Briar and a director of photography) to document the story of a sinking island in the Pacific.

Our DOP has had to pull out due to other committments and we're recruiting a replacement at the moment. If you're interested, email us using the link provided, or call Lyn on + 64 27 282 9593.

We've got much appreciated Screen Innovation Production funding (from a New Zealand government scheme) for the project. However the extreme remoteness of the island means a very challenging shoot and to do a good job we really need more resources than this grant can provide. We're looking for sponsorship in exchange for a screen credit and we'd be very happy to accept any donations of money or offers of equipment. Being able to borrow or be given:

a 3 chip mini-DV PAL video camera
extra and larger-size camera batteries and chargers
mini-DV stock (including old tapes that have already been used, for translation purposes)
solar panels (there's no electricity on the island)
a pc laptop or
a video deck

would be incredibly helpful, and any donations, big or small, would be extremely gratefully received.

For further information about the film check out our previous post and to find out more about the island of Takuu try the sidebar links on this page.

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Andrew Keenan said...

Hi Just watched your interview on TV. Our company is a specialist paramedical company that provides assitance to film crews through out the Pacific Island. Our company commenced after the Larna incidnet in Fiji. We may be able to provide you with some equipment or staff donated or other wise. Please feel free to review our company at www.spsmedics.com you may contact me personal cell phone is 02102797244 or through our office. 0800medics. Kind regards
Andrew Keenan