Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Theatrical Release DISCOUNT tickets

"There Once was an Island" is opening in New Zealand theatres Thursday this week! It's a film that we think is best served up on the big screen, so this is your chance to enjoy it at its most fetching.

DISCOUNTED TICKETS! Email takuufilm.
For those of you able to attend the Thursday 6pm screening at Rialto Newmarket, Lyn is doing a Q&A and we also have 20 discounted tickets available. Adults are $13.50 and kids/seniors $8.50. If you want to take advantage of this pricing please email takuufilm and we'll put you down. Tickets can be collected at the theatre on the night, and you will need to pay cash. This is a first come first served offer.

If you're not in Auckland or you want to go but can't make that session, here is a list of the cinemas and locations the film is also screening at. Have a look online for confirmed screening times:

June 11 – 29
Arthouse Cinema, NEW PLYMOUTH. To book, call (06) 757 3650

From June 23
Rialto Newmarket, AUCKLAND. To book, call (09) 369 2417

Waiheke Island Community Cinema, WAIHEKE. To book, call (09) 372-4240

Paramount Cinemas, WELLINGTON. To book, call (04) 384 4080

Gecko Theatre, NELSON. To book, call (03) 528 9996

Rialto DUNEDIN. To book, call (03) 474 2200

We hope to have some more special offers later on.


hadro said...

Do you have an Australian release date?

Briar March and Lyn Collie said...

Hi Hadro - no Australian release is likely but we have single screenings in Sydney and WA a little late this year - look out for updates on the website www.thereoncewasanisland.com. If you know a theatre or distributor feel free to ask if they'd like to host the film! cheers, Lyn